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We are here to assess where you are and help you get where you are going in your retirement dreams.

The BAB Group Approach

Our client centric approach is one of Education, Communication and Action. We work with our clients to thoroughly understand their situation and help educate them on the possibilities to reach their goals. We then help them put in to action the strategies and tools that help them achieve their dreams.

At the BAB Group, LLC, we assist our neighbors and friends in the community of Metro Atlanta, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama to get on track towards a secure financial future heading into retirement. We value our community and all those within it and work every day to offer them a variety of insurance products to pave a path towards reaching their financial goals. Their needs, goals and demands are the ground on which we have built our business, and our greatest fulfillment lies in seeing our clients living the retirement life they’ve always wanted.

Additionally, with our strategic partnership with Brumlow and Company, PC Certified Public Accountants we can offer our clients a complete approach to their financial future. We were born here, and we value our community and those that are in it. At the BAB Group, LLC, we assist our neighbors and friends to get on track towards a secure future.

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Proud to serve the community of Metro Atlanta & Metro Charlotte

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